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Still Life No. 6 (2017)

Photo Credit Bishoculars

'Still Life No. 6' draws from images and compositional elements found in an installation by visual artist Doris Salcedo (Plegaria Muda, from SFMOMA's collection). This piece features live music by Shanna Sordahl, and original costumes by Liz Brent. This work is made with support from residencies at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center and the CHIME Program at the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company. 
ChoreoFest is presented by Yerba Buena Gardens Festival, and curated by RAWdance.

still life no. 4 (2016)

Photo Credit Robbie Sweeny

'Still Life No. 4' is the fourth piece in our series of Still Life Dances, but the first ever evening length Still Life Dance by Simpson/Stulberg Collaborations. 'No.4' expands upon Simpson/Stulberg’s signature style, characterized by speed, gesture, attention to detail, and careful composition, but was further developed into a longer work including an original set, sound score, and lighting design.

Choreography: Lauren Simpson & Jenny Stulberg
Performance: Arletta Anderson, Virginia Broyles, Liane Burns & Jenny Stulberg
Music: Mike Wall (
Lighting Design: Alexander Zendzian
Costume Design: Jenny Stulberg
Set Design: Simpson/Stulberg and Rooster Productions, an adaptation of Perry Gunther’s original set.

These performances of STILL LIFE DANCES were made possible in part by The Rainin Opportunity Fund and ODC Theater, and supported by CA$H, a grants program of Dancers’ Group and Theatre Bay Area.

still life no. 1 & no. 2 (2014/2015)

Photo Credit Robbie Sweeny

'Still Life No. 1' is based on Raphaelle Peale's "Blackberries" (1813). The piece premiered at RAWdance's Concept Series 16 in December 2014 at The Joe Goode Annex.
'Still Life No. 2' was created with support from ODC's Pilot Program 65. This still life dance is based on William Harnett's painting "After the Hunt" (1885) which premiered in April 2015 at ODC Studio B Theatre.

Choreography & Performance: Lauren Simpson & Jenny Stulberg
Filming: Attilla Rosas, Tyler Burke, Cameron Heller, William M. Rogers, & Albert Garcia