hold ( S T I L L ) . 

The first dance-film in our collection 'Still Life Dances'-a series of movement studies based on still life paintings from the de Young Museum in San Francisco, CA. These dances are inspired by the composition and detail of early American artworks. It expands upon Simpson/Stulberg’s signature style, characterized by speed, attention to detail, and careful composition. Set outdoors in the Marin Headlands of Northern California, 'hold ( S T I L L ) .' marks a transition from our interest in the precise arrangement of objects in still life paintings, to the natural and wild setting of a landscape painting. Inspired by vocabulary from Still Life No. 1.


Direction & Editing by Jenny Stulberg | Choreography & Performance by Lauren Simpson & Jenny Stulberg | Music by Mike Wall | Director of Photography Tyler Burke | Camera Operator William M. Rogers | Special Thanks to Attila Rostas

two | fold

The second dance-film produced by Simpson/Stulberg Collaborations, inspired by the vocabulary in Still Life No. 2. By re-orienting the original choreography from the floor to the wall, two | fold aims to shift and change the viewers’ perspective of the body and space.


Direction, Filming, Editing by Jenny Stulberg | Choreography by Simpson/Stulberg Collaborations (together with Michaela Burns and Liane Burns) | Performance by Liane Burns & Michaela Burns